Wed 28th Oct Clougha/Littledale Cragg 18:30


Meet at the highest point on Littledale Road. See Google Map button. It will be dark and damp. Take care, and please remember to maintain your distance from people.

Welcome back to Lonsdale! We're happy to restart group club runs on Wednesday nights with a few extra guidelines. These have been suggested by the Association of Running Clubs, of which Lonsdale is a member. Provided these are followed, the runs are considered an "organised sport" which has been through "play protocols" and can continue despite the "Rule of 6":

Each run will have a run leader who is responsible for the covid safety procedure.
The run leader is not a run guide and their responsibilities are only to do with covid. Everyone is ultimately responsible for their own safety.
If you are new to fell running, we recommend you attend a guided run with a professional run guide, e.g. club member Rowan Wood.

Before the run:
Don't come if you have any covid symptoms or a member of your household/bubble has symptoms.
You are advised not to car share with people outside your household/bubble.

At the start of the run:
Give your name and contact details (phone or email) to the run leader.
The name of the run leader will be posted on the website each week.
Maintain physical distancing while we are gathering.
If there are more than 20 people ready to run, the run leader will divide the group, appoint a second run leader and a second group will run in a different direction.

During the run: Have Fun
Avoid touching stiles and gates where possible.
You are advised to carry hand sanitiser and a face covering.
You must carry safety equipment for fell running and a head torch.
You are advised to carry a mobile phone.
You are advised not to share food, drinks or equipment with runners outside your household/bubble.
Maintain physical distancing while regrouping during the run.

After the run:
Remember you can only attend the pub in groups of up to two households/bubbles.
Your contact details will be kept for 21 days for potential track and trace purposes.

Role of the run leader:
The run leader will complete the risk assessment before the run and keep a copy for 21 days after the run.
They will take a register of everyone present (name and email/phone) on the run and keep it for 21 days.
They will carry a face covering and small first aid kit.

If there are more than 20 people ready to run, the run leader will divide the group, appoint a second run leader and send the second group to run in a different direction.

Well done Phil M on his recent super-fast Bob Graham round. It's great to see people have been keeping up their fitness! Here's the list of Lonsdale classic rounds.